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Tiny Homes

Lasting Relationships Come Down To
2 Basic Traits, Says Science

7 Small Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Significant Other Smile

5 Types of People Who Might Not Be Marriage Material

What Should I Be Cleaning with CCleaner?

Early Retirement Is Not for Everyone

How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs)
and solid state drives (SSDs)

How to Automatically Reboot Your Router
on a Schedule, the Easy Way

A Guide to Haggling, Online and In Person, for Things You Didn't Know Were Negotiable

How to Set Your Google Account to Automatically Delete (or Share) Upon Your Death

How To Live The Good Life:
4 Easy Secrets Backed By Research

Top 10 Free and Affordable
Mental Health and Counseling Resources

5 signs you're emotionally intelligent —
even if it doesn't feel like it

How to Create an Anonymous Email Account

Can you remain truly anonymous online?
Here’s where to start

Is It Better to Use a Wi-Fi Channel
With a Higher Frequency?

6 ways to speed up your Wi-Fi at home

Untangling the mesh: Everything you need
to know about Wi-Fi systems

How to Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your Wi-Fi

How to Recover Software Product Keys From Any Computer,
Even a Broken One

5 Facts About Medicare Every Baby Boomer Should Know

10 Ways to Increase
Your Social Security Payments

Google’s been quietly recording your voice;
here’s how to listen to—and delete—the archive (Scroll Down)

How to Secure Your Amazon Account

Only Have $1,000?
5 Ways to Double Your Money, Fast

60 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

Challenging International Megan's Law in Federal Court
Court on 4-13-16 Says:
Too Soon to Fight Sex Offender Passport Mark

Five ways to maintain your privacy on your smartphone,
no downloads required

The 5 Biggest Regrets People Have Before They Die

Here are 7 big changes coming
to Social Security in 2017

How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs)
and solid state drives (SSDs)

8 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet

Bad News: What Medicare DOESN’T Cover

The Best Books of 2016

The Simple Secret to Winning Any Argument,
According to a Harvard Psychologist

Presidential Vetoes

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Medicare

IRS Now Has Six Years To Audit Your Taxes, Up From Three

10 Worst States for Taxes on Your Retirement Nest Egg

IRS Warns Taxpayers to Guard Against New Tricks
by Scam Artists; Losses Top $20 Million

7 States With No Income Tax
(and 2 More With Almost No Income Tax)

4 States That Tax Social Security Benefits
Without Any Exemptions

All the Best Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

Top 10 Highly-Desired Skills
You Can Teach Yourself

Take a Hearing Test Over the Phone

Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life

‘Manspreading,’ ‘Price Point,’ ‘Stakeholder’ on
University’s List of ‘Banished’ Words for 2016

Here’s How Much The Average American Gets
From Social Security -- How Do You Compare?

3 Reasons to Take
Social Security Benefits at 67 (or 66)

What's the difference between Social Security Disability
Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Everything You Need to Know About Social Security

Here's How Social Security Benefits Are Calculated

Social Security’s COLA and
Your Benefits, Explained

Social Security Ruling Drives Up
Medicare Costs for Millions

Are you about to lose $50,000
in future Social Security benefits?

The USPS is rolling out a feature
that emails you images of your actual mail

18+ Useful Things You Can Do with OK Google

Plenty of good articles

How to Print to PDF on
Any Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

Why Insomnia Happens and
What You Can Do to Get Better Sleep

No, Your Medical Records Are Not Private

Statutory rape laws and
ages of consent in the U.S.

Why You Could Soon Need a Passport
for Domestic Flights

Where to Get the Best Pizza in America

10 Wacky Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

"Renting Is Throwing Money Away"
Is Completely False

How to Change Passwords on Any Device
(Windows, Mac, Smartphone)

4 email apps you should be using
instead of the one that comes with your phone

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Job Search

How a 6 month 'degree' could
put you ahead of the competition

The Thanksgiving Recipes Googled in Every State
Really Cool Story w/receipes

Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Stop the NSA from spying on you!

7 essential search sites that aren't Google

What’s the Difference Between a Modem and a Router?

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address
on Any Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

How to Change Your WiFi Network’s
Name and Password

How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi
Many Great Tips. Esp for Routers

How to Check Your Router for Malware
Printout so you can read while checking.
If you do not understand, skip this.

HTG Explains: How to Troubleshoot Your
Internet Connection Layer-By-Layer

10 Tips for Making a Better Pizza,
From a Roberta’s Pizza-Tossing Pro

Birth order doesn’t affect your personality
just your intelligence

IRS Repeats Warning about Phone Scams

The Best Virtual Assistant for Android

Can you design a cool and responsive website
in under 10 minutes? Weld thinks so

9 sites to watch excellent curated videos

Google now offers search information
cards on more than 900 diseases

7 habits of exceptionally successful remote employees

3 ways to get busted on the Dark Web

A List of Side Jobs that Don’t
Stink (and Pay Well)

How to Secure Your Home When You’re a Renter
Loaded with great tips

Career Planning
for Folks with Criminal Records

The most affordable small town in every state

Lawtendr Finds You a Lawyer by
Asking Them to Bid On Your Case

Have You Ever Been Homeless?
(Read comments at end of article)

What You Should Know About “Credit Builder” Loans

Is retiring abroad right for you?
10 factors you should consider

How to Set Up a Camera to
Monitor Your Home When You’re Away

Five Common Myths that
Keep People from Investing, Debunked

John's Phone (Video)
Perfect for folks on who are not allowed to have Internet, Camera or Text Messaging features. This is as simple as it gets. Often sold through but normally must be purchased overseas in Amsterdam. Most reviews of this phone are rather good; surprising. Do not simply dismiss this phone esp. folks on parole probation or supervised released with restrictions.

Negotiate Grocery Prices for
Stuff Close to the “Sell By” Date

The Best and Worst
Big Cities for Renters

7 things you need to know about the
statutes of limitation for debt

How To Live Alone

The Internet doesn’t make you smarter;
you only think it does

Your generational identity is a lie

Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?

Subtly Convince Someone You're Correct
By Asking the Right Questions

The Useless Words and Phrases
You Should Strike from Your Writing

Many of the comments to the article, over 300
, are super funny and worth reading...

After the panic: How one New Yorker
lives happily in 90 square feet

10 Cheap Cities Where You Don't Need
a High Salary to Buy a House

The Best and Worst States
When It Comes to Your General Well-Being

The Best and Worst States to Earn a Living

Do you know what QR Codes are
and how they can be used?

How to Turn Your Smartphone
Into the Ultimate Spy Tool

5 Surprising Things
You Could Find on Your Credit Report

Forget Bing or Yahoo: How to Use Google Everywhere
on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

15 Apps Everyone Should Have In the Phone

25 Most Useful Websites And Apps For
College Students That Will Make
You Smarter And More Productive

Four Basic Writing Principles
You Can Use in Everyday Life

How To Protect Your Information From The Internet

Use a Goodwill Letter To Remove
Late Payments from Your Credit Report

What You Need to Know About Being Power of Attorney

Antibiotics: When you need them—and when you don’t

What You Should Know Before Paying Off Old Debt

Reminder: Now Is the Best Time to Renew Your Passport

What can I do with the gift cards I don’t want?

5 free online tools for testing your website’s speed

Create a website at Wild Apricote

PDF Convert Instantly Turns an Email Into a PDF

Convert files to PDF file: PDF Creator

Want to send someone a eCard use Blue Mountain

You suck! Now what?
The psychology of handling criticism

How to Disappear (almost)
Completely: living off the grid

4 Things You Need to Know If
the Police Try To Search Your Phone

How many -child abductions- are caused
by registered sex offenders, annually?

The Best (and Worst) States and Cities
to Own a Small Business

Top 10 Backups Everyone Should Have
(Not Just Computer Backups)

How to check if Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo is down

How Can I Open a Bank Account
When My Credit Sucks?

Homeboy: A mini, motion-detecting home
security camera that packs a punch

A great site to check for SPOOFS & RUMORS

A good site to check if emails etc. are SCAMS

Landlord-Tenant State Laws & Regulations

Protect Your ATM PIN or Lock Combo
from Thieves with This Quick Trick

How to Use a Fake Name on Facebook
Without Getting Flagged

Gracefully Correct Someone by Asking Questions

The Difference Between Shame and Guilt,
and Why It Matters

7+ MacGyver Tricks People Have Learned in Prison

How to kill a troll

This Flowchart Explains The Severity of
Different Types of Plagiarism

How to Unsubscribe from Email Newsletters
the Correct Way

Why You Should Teach What You Know,
Even If You Aren't an Expert

50 State Surveys of various laws

Make a Backup Offer on a House
Even if It’s “Under Contract”

Offer Direct Deposit Payment to a Landlord
if You Have Shaky Credit

How Long Different Credit Flaws Stay on Your Report

5 things you should know about
email unsubscribe links before you click

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