Sunday, November 13, 2016

Whats Happening with Sex Offender Issues

Here is Whats Happening Today
Nov 30, 2017:

Always check State News and National News though.
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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
at 800-273-TALK (8255)

Youth Talkline
at 1-800-246-PRIDE (800-246-7743)

Trans Lifeline
at 877-565-8860

The GLBT National Help Center
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The Crisis Call Center
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The Samaritan’s Crisis Hotline
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Transgendered Michigan (Their Newsletters)

Tips for Powerball winner/s
Here's what he told The Dallas Morning News:

--Hire a tax attorney first.
--Don't take the lump sum. You don't want to blow it all in one spot.
--If you weren't happy yesterday, you won't be happy tomorrow. It's money. It's not happiness.
--If you were happy yesterday, you are going to be a lot happier tomorrow. It's money. Life gets easier when you don't have to worry about the bills.
--Tell all your friends and relatives no. They will ask. Tell them no. If you are close to them, you already know who needs help and what they need. Feel free to help SOME, but talk to your accountant before you do anything and remember this, no one needs $1 million for anything. No one needs $100,000 for anything. Anyone who asks is not your friend.
--You don't become a smart investor when you win the lottery. Don't make investments. You can put it in the bank and live comfortably. Forever. You will sleep a lot better knowing you won't lose money.

You Have a Right to Your Medical Records. Here’s How to Request Them.

What to do if the FBI knocks on your door?

Medicare News & UPDATES

Medicare Supplement Policy Cuts on Horizon

3 ways to check out your neighbors

These Guys Review Hundreds of Resumes
and Say These 10 Things Matter

Four Questions to Help You Figure Out
If You're Making the Right Decision

New Map: May 2017 shows 861,837 Registrants
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has posted
UPDATED figures on the number of Registered Folks Nationally.

Ask an Expert:
All About Living and Working Abroad

The Border Patrol can take your password. Now what?

How to opt out of the
most popular people search sites

Here are the most commonly confused words
in the English language, according to Microsoft

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End of Life Documents to Setup

You Need to Deal With Your Digital Legacy Right Now

eAdvocate Tidbits

Updated 3-2017: DEADLINE For States to Implement the Adam Walsh Act July 27, 2011. Long past and still, in 2017, only 17 of 50 have substantially complied!
(The 17 are: Alabama; Colorado; Florida; Kansas; Louisiana; Maryland; Michigan; Mississippi; Missouri; Nevada; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Wyoming.)
A harmful law, still they push it!
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