Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Commenting Policy - All Blogs

This blog, and ALL of our other blogs, addresses the stages of sex offender circumstances:
  • LifeBefore a conviction
  • LifeDuring (prosecution for offense)
  • LifeAfter when folks are back in the community
  • Life in Civil Commitment
  • Or after a person has died (Our Murders, Suicides, and Other Deaths blogs)
If your comment is within those realms, and of a reasonable size sticking to the Topic of the Post, except as noted below, it most likely will be posted,.

Who May Comment: Since our blogs are intended for adult education, we will not post comments made by minors, and if we learn a comment has been posted by a minor, it will be removed. Thanks.
WARNING: Some folks are not permitted to use the Internet (State registration laws or if under supervision and so restricted), if you are one of those folks please do not post comments. We do not want you to get into trouble.
LINKS: If you post a comment which includes a link (URL) to somewhere else on the Internet, that link CANNOT be a tiny or other shortened link, (See Glossary: LINKS for reason).
Respect: Comments are moderated and those that violate respect, in any way, or comments that could place this blog in legal jeopardy somehow, and interjecting religious cites or judgmental religious opinions, will likely be rejected. Comments that attack anyone will be ignored. It's that simple.
Personal Information: It is not our policy to post personal information, and will reject a comment if it -in any way- points to where a person lives, or contains facts of crimes they may have committed. Personal stories are not appropriate for Post comments, please do not post such, as we will not post them. There are many laws which reference personal information and we do not intend to knowingly violate them. We do review every comment submitted and make a decision as to posting.
Comments and Courts: Just in case folks haven't noticed, blogger comments are being prosecuted in courts. So you might want to see some we have saved for your review HERE and HERE. Folks should not underestimate the reach of the courts.
Also remember, this is a place on the Internet, and the Internet has a memory and other folks will see what you post, today and into the future.
PS: Since we do have a life please do not expect weekend comment updating. For the most part we update comments in the middle of the night, when Internet traffic is lowest.
For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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