Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brochures and Newsletters

All of the following Advocates have authored and published Brochures and Newsletters on various topics affecting sex offenses or sex offender issues. The Community Room has not read every Brochure or Newsletter, but feels they are factual and good faith efforts to address the issues they address.

The links below will take you to that Advocates site to review the document. If anyone knows of more than is shown below, please contact so they can be listed, and folks get to see them.


by SOSEN: Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

by Illinois Voices (RSOL-IL)
by RSOL-VA: About RSOL-VA 2010
by Law Office: The Southern Center for Human Rights
by Oklahoma CURE
by Unknown but Appears to be Good Advice
by Legal Aid Society
by Tucson Planning Council (This is excellent)
by Cons Helping Cons website

by RSOL of Virginia
by SOSEN: Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

by RSOL:

by Illinois Voices (RSOL-IL)
by Texas Voices (RSOL-TX)

Please let know if any are missing or should not be shown here.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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