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Community Room Vision and Credits

eAdvocate's Vision for The Community Room

The Community Room is a 2009 vision of eAdvocate who has long recognized the LifeAfter needs of those who have committed a sex offense, and those who have been thought to have committed a sex offense, real and otherwise. (See Real Live Examples: "Is this even sexual?" -and- "No sex crime" -and- "This is a sex offender?")

The Community Room is a Humanitarian project guided by the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN-DHR), a meaningful interpretation (Link shows Rights denied or substantially impinged). The UN-DHR document guarantees certain rights to everyone, and folks covered by the Community Room have been denied many of those rights, especially the right of meaningful representation in Congress and State Legislatures.

Reality is, that lawmakers in Congress and State Legislatures, while allowing these folks to speak, actually close their ears to what they say, under the pretext of a hypothetical or sounds good thought or circumstance; evidence does not guide lawmakers in laws covering these folks.

For a more detailed version of where eAdvocate
wishes the Community Room to go,
Goals, Phases, Advocate's Participation,
and the Future, please see this LINK

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The Community Room - Credits

It is important to mention and credit those who, have and will in the future, make this Community Room a repository of information and resource for all who need it. Accordingly, the following folks are greatly appreciated and recognized for their thoughtful assistance in this humanitarian project:

Consultant and Advisor:
Wayne Bowers, President of the Board, Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance and CURE-SORT Director
Technical Assistance:
Sex Offender Issues Blog, If you wish to link to that blog.
Honorable Works Mention:
2010: OnceFallen (blog and website) for his work on a Housing Guide and his Activism Guide

2010: SOSEN (website) for their work on Educational Brochures

2010: IL Voices (website) for their work on Educational Brochures

If I have missed anyone that feels they ought to be listed here, PLEASE contact me and give me an idea of the contribution you provided, and it will be reviewed and I will respond to you. Thank you.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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