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Topic: US Congress and Everything Congressional

U.S. Congress and Everything Congressional:

U.S.Congress: Explained

U.S. Congress:

U.S. House:
Contact Representatives:
Daily Calendar:
Office Leg Counsel:
Rules Committee:
Bills for Consideration this Week:

U.S. Senate:
Contact Senators:
Daily Calendar:
Office Leg Counsel:
Rules Committee:
(No Senate Equivalent)

Watch proceedings in House or Senate.

Find All 114th Congress: House Markups

Thomas Explains: How Our Laws Are Made

SUPER Site "Congress Merge": Every Known Link in Congress

All About Committees:

List of every committee in Congress,
with Members, their staff and phone numbers.
Find any Committee Report for either Chamber.
All About Lawmakers:

Locate Lawmakers by Zip, Name, State,
Also Displays Lawmaker's Website, Phone No., e-mail addr.,
and personal bio and office staff.

Real Clear Politics: A gumbo of Washington DC info

Political Money Line: Tie lawmakers to money and more

The Washington Post: Who Runs Govt

Legistalker Find lawmakers by state, and find out what they are saying in any media day-by-day. This is one amazing little used resource.

Taegan Goddard's Political Dictionary

Glossary of Washington Words/Phrases:
See BEST -and- Senate Glossary

U.S. Congress Websites:

Congress has two websites: They are in the process of converting their old site to the new site:
The OLD website is Thomas
The NEW website is
Congress also has it's own Congressional Research Service (CRS) which does most of the research that goes into bills. This service is in addition to lawyers which lawmakers have on their staff. Not all CRS Reports are publicly available according to that non-official site. Those that are contain significant information and can be cited in legal work. The official site for publicly available CRS Reports and the CRS Archives is HERE and HERE. Several places on the Internet keep copies of CRS Reports, one good one is HERE (You never know what you'll find there).

Congress also uses reports from the GAO Office which does fine research.

Find a bill by number, word or phrase:
Deep Search by words or phrases:
Deep Search finds more than regular search.

Confused on bill assignment codes: See HERE
What is a bill or resolution? : See HERE

Want a list of all Active Legislation: See HERE
Want a bill from a PAST Congress: See HERE

Want a paper copy of a Senate Bill: See HERE
Want a paper copy of a House Bill: See HERE
You can print them at the Thomas site too.
Really unique site "Where a bill becomes a law...:"
Status of -where bill is, and where it has been-.

WatchDog Your Congress:

N.Y. Times: Inside Congress Votes, Bills & Actions.

OpenCongress has abilities not found elsewhere. this one is quite good.

WashingtonWatch some folks may like this better.

Project VoteSmart Keeps track of how lawmakers vote.

OpenSecrets Follow the Money.

WatchDog Congress or Any State:
This is the most unbelievable site on the Internet for finding legislation by topic/s. Start HERE but do not register, instead scroll all the way to the bottom left where it says "National Legislative Search," select a State (or set to All States), or Washington DC, or US Congress, then enter TOPIC (ex: sex offenders) and see what you get, you will be overwhelmed. Play with various options it is amazing!

Political Blogs, Websites & Media:

Huffington Post     Daily Kos     Instapundit
Congress.Org   Moveon.Org
OpEd News   The Hill   The Hill's BLOGS

U.S. Government Agencies, Departments & Courts:

Federal Government Departments
Department of Justice Breakdown
US Customs and Border Patrol

Court Structure: Federal and State

Miscellaneous Federal Resources:

Research Materials:
Now this is for those who really want to get into the law and laws of specific states or territories: Guide to Law Online: U.S. States and Territories What is within that link will overwhelm most, but there is a wealth of knowledge tucked into that link, so, enjoy...

The Federal Register:
Everyone has heard of the Adam Walsh Act, a federal law, which the Dep't of Justice is charged with handling everything with respect to that law. All federal laws are put into play by "Rules and Guidelines." When a rule or guideline is needed for a law, the Dep't in charge of the law (Dep't of Justice for AWA) proposes a rule or guideline and makes that "Proposed Rule or Guideline" public before the rule/guideline is put into effect. All federal agencies (Departments, i.e. the Dep't of Justice being one of man federal agencies) must POST in the Federal Register ANY proposed rule/guideline so the public may comment on it. Now, finding out "Whats Happening" is somewhat difficult, so I have written a procedure so folks can check the Federal Register (Daily or When folks want) and find out if any new rule/guideline has been posted for public comment. SO, if you are one who wants to check the Federal Register CLICK HERE for the procedure. The Library of Congress has a very long tutorial on the Federal Register should you be up to a LONG-READ.

When Does the Next Congress Begin:
This is important to registrants because, it means, all the Bills in Congress affecting registrants, not made law in the last Congress, die, they no longer are a worry to registrants. However, that means if a lawmaker's bill died, then s/he has to re-introduce it again in the next Congress before it can be considered again. So, it is important to know when the next Congress begins: CLICK HERE to find out when.

Miscellaneous Government Links: The White House on YouTube and government officials on Twitter

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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