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Topic: Failure to Register Charges

National FSO Economic Occupy Movement:
Wasteful Costs Related to Charges of
Failure to Comply with a Registry Law -OR- Failure to Register

The graphic above shows, pictorially, examples of things that are happening in the world of sex offender laws, in states shown, and very likely others! Are "Failure to Register," "Failure to update information" and "Other registry technical violations" synonymous? If so, are the penalties for violating them reasonable or wasteful, or worse a manifest injustice?

High MICHIGAN Registry & Prison Costs Caused By:
Improper Handling of Deceased Persons' Registry Records /
Improper Inclusion of Incarcerated Persons' Records /
Questionably Reported Statistics /
Insane Criminal Charge for Failure (Forgetting) to SIGN a Form:

Number of people on the registry: Deceased Individuals: "individuals who are deceased are removed from the PSOR following the submission of a death certificate." Sounds logical? What happens when someone lives alone and has no family? Its hard to expect a dead person to submit a death certificate or even obtain one! They stay on the registry which bloats the registry. Are other states like this?

Sex offenders who are incarcerated: Here is something which is hard to see. anyone convicted of a sex offense who has been incarcerated, is automatically listed on the registry, and through an option, the general public can see who these folks are. They are not in the public so why put them on the registry? Your guess is as good as mine. Now there is a cost to maintain these records? Yup, and folks in prison might be there for 5-10-20-30 years before being released. While I do not know what the cost of maintaining a registry record is, lets say $.01 per day, $3.65 per year, $36.50 for 10 years and so on, get the picture? BTW: The costs for prison are shown below.

Fail to sign a form: Look closely at the pic below, a mere "Fail to sign a registration, notification, or verification form," makes some subject to arrest. Is the registrant guilty of anything? When someone registers or verifies their information, it is in front of a Registering Official. Wouldn't you think it mandatory that such official check what is being submitted AT THAT MOMENT? No, they wait till the registrant leaves then charges him/her with a crime. Justice or Entrapment?

Costs attached to above examples:Above are two examples, do you think there are costs attached to these? Yup, registry maintenance costs (The US Dep't of Justice issues grants annually for such costs) and Michigan also charges registrants a one time fee of $50.00 (Up from $35.00 in 2011) for maintaining the registry system. Profiteering? Your guess is as good as mine.

Now lets see what the public pays through their taxes, arrest someone, and there is the cost of jail, prosecution, and if the person goes to prison, that cost as well.
In 2008: It estimated states spent a record $51.7 billion on corrections in fiscal year 2008 and incarcerating one inmate cost them, on average, $29,000 a year. But the average annual cost of managing an offender through probation was $1,250 and through parole $2,750.

Note: Just released in 2012 by the Vera Institute "The Price of Prisons: What Incarceration Costs Taxpayers." Using the by state option, look at Michigan's costs; is it really worth that for Failure to Sign a Form which the State official should have caught?
Is it worth this to taxpayers for someone who forgot to sign a form? Only a idiot would say yes, but we have idiots in high places whose only goal is self-serving, make me (Lawmaker) look good!

BTW: Given many on the registry, and many do not have jobs because they have been legislatively prohibited from working, who do you think pays these bills? Right, the public. So when you hear that politician claiming s/he is going to protect the public with some new law, start asking questions? Or do not vote for them!

North Carolina:

North Carolina:
Troop leaders keep eye on scouts after sex offender spotted mingling among them 1-21-2012 North Carolina:

SNOW HILL — Troop leaders in Greene County are keeping a watchful eye on their Girl Scouts after a registered child sex offender was spotted mingling amongst the young explorers last week during a celebration to kick off the 2012 cookie season.

Christopher Adams Czyzewski, 31, “watched” and then “interacted” with Girl Scouts from as many as four troops in Greene County for at least 30 minutes while attending the campaign opener held at the Greene Ridge Racquet Club with his daughter, said Jessica Byrd, a Girl Scout parent and assistant troop leader. “It is frightening to think a sex offender was around my child,” Byrd said.

Czyzewski, of 300 Davis Grove Church Road, Snow Hill, turned himself in at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office Jan. 14 at 12:55 p.m. upon hearing Maj. Doug Stocks had taken out a warrant against him for a felony charge of a sex offender on child premises. Detective Bryant Obriant served Czyzewski and placed him in Greene County Jail under a $5,000 secured bond. Czyzewski, who has since made bail, is set to make his first appearance in Greene County District Court Feb. 10.

The father, listed as a sex offender until June 1, 2019, by the state Department of Justice, was initially reported for violating the terms of the registry on Jan. 11, when a parent spotted him making a drop-off and pickup at a Girl Scout Troop 153 event, Obriant said. “He cooperated fully during the arrest,” Obriant said. “In his opinion, he said he did nothing wrong but to take his girl to her scout meeting.”

Byrd said there was more to the incident. She said Czyzewski came to the party with his wife and daughter and stayed for 10 minutes, until one of the mothers attempted to snap a picture of him with her cell phone. Byrd said Czyzewski covered his face and left, but returned 30 minutes later and stayed for a half hour, first watching the girls and then later interacting amongst them.

North Carolina Registry Crimes and Penalties: Pages 27-29 Registry FAQ

More will be added as we find them, YES, they do exist!

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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