Monday, January 16, 2012

Topic: Embargo Lists

National FSO Economic Occupy Movement: Embargo List.

Each of the Embargo lists are maintained by the Advocate site shown, and not by The Community Room. For other Advocates wanting to start their own Embargo Lists, we suggest you review the lists shown and see how each addresses this issue and what they say. Wikipedia has more on Embargo that folks may wish to review.
Local Maintenance of Embargo Lists: We strongly suggest that whoever maintains the local list, that, they keep the e-mail or other method used to report a business to be added to the list, somewhere. Just in case you must provide that to some official at some point. Sorry to say, but liability must always be considered in today's world. Further, it would be wise to keep lists in alphabetic order for quick reader access.

State Embargo Lists:

Embargo List maintained by FACTS "Families Affirming Community Safety"

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