Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whats Happening in The Sex Offender Community

Here is Whats Happening Today
December 8-22, 2011:

eAdvocate Tidbits

In a sneaky way Congress has appropriated money for the Adam Walsh Act and the Second Chance Act!

Reporting Child Abuse:
Almost every state mandates that people in certain designated jobs file reports if they suspect child abuse. In Pennsylvania’s case, this includes health-care workers, school employees, child-welfare workers, members of the clergy and law enforcement.

At least 18 states have broader language in their laws saying that every person, regardless of job, who suspects child abuse has a legal duty to report to the authorities, the Associated Press reports.

ACTION ALERT: California Sex Offender Registry Law: New change affecting former sex offenders REMOVED from the registry
Today we need to notify ANY former California sex offender who HAS ALREADY BEEN REMOVED from the public registry, that effective 1-1-2012 those folks will be automatically RESTORED to the public registry unless they file for EXCLUSION following a new procedure that has been added to California registry law. CLCIK on the link above for more information.

DEADLINE For States to Implement the
Adam Walsh Act July 27, 2011. Long past and still only 15 of 50 have substantially complied!!

Now its December and no change in Compliance. In July they said "it would take up to 3 months to go through what has been submitted." Still nothing!

Advocate Alert: Attorney General Holder Convenes Federal Reentry Council This article covers all sorts of topics related to the daily lives of registrants, and anyone else with a criminal record. All Advocates MUST become aware of Reentry Myth Buster Fact Sheets which are explained in this article.

We the People:
Announcing White House Petitions & How They Work

"Window on Topics: Featuring Today"

Registration Fees Fact Guide

Employment Opportunities
Note: One of the Reentry Myth Buster Fact Sheets
applies to anyone with a criminal record!

Question: "Are you new to the Community Room?" Please read "This Important Message" as it will help us making referrals. And, if you want to know "How to get around the Community Room" our Tutorial is best; it also has a section for Advocates.

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