Friday, November 4, 2011

Topic: Registry Fees

Registry Fees: by Derek Warren Logue.

All About Registry Fees:


Registration fees are becoming popular in a select growing number of locations. Perhaps the biggest story on this issue in recent memory is the ordinance proposed by the city of Lake Charles, LA, which would have increased yearly registration fees to $600 per year. As of this writing, the law is on hold due to a temporary injunction [1].

Obviously, registry fees and the fear over possible legal trouble for failing to pay fees is a very real concern. Some state laws consider failure to pay registry fees part of the criminal charge of “failure to register [2].” Exacerbating the possibility of arrest for failure to pay fees is due to the fact that registrants have far higher rates of unemployment than the average citizen. In Oklahoma, “nearly 40%” of registrants are considered “unemployed, disabled, or retired [3]”; Washington State’s unemployment rate for registrants was 25% in 2005, with a 9% rate of homelessness [4]. While many locations have these laws, is it constitutional? There have been few stories regarding sex offenders arrested for failing to pay fees, and even less court cases addressing the fees. This article will cover the very sparse commentary on this subject.
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Note: The guide also contains all court cases we know of, so folks can see what others have tried.

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