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Whats Happening in The Sex Offender Community

Here is Whats Happening Today
August 31, 2011:

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Someone out there is erroneously claiming that, "Oklahoma retroactive law struck down." Whoever that is clearly has not read what is really happening about that law. The Oklahoma Supreme Court is considering the case and HAS NOT rendered any decision at this point! see "Could Okla. Sex Offenders Fall Of Registry List?"

Here is one interesting lawsuit going on: "Job Applicant ID'd as Sex Offender in Background Check Sues"
Samuel Jackson thought his job offer from Optics Planet was a done deal -- but then a routine background check gone awry surprised the company and Jackson with a detail even he didn't know: his name appeared on national list of registered sex offenders.

Jackson, 27, alleges in a suit filed in U.S. district court last week that the consumer reporting agency that ran his background check, Infotrack Information Services, carelessly mixed him up with people who shared his name and might have cost him and countless others potential jobs.

"It's alarming if you think about it because you wonder how many common names go through this," Jackson told ABC News.

Sharon Dietrich, an attorney with Community Legal Resources of Philadelphia, said the answer is many, many people with common names that go through similar battles with background check companies to get their names cleared.

"We see lots and lots of examples of background checks done wrong," said Dietrich, who noted that more than 80 percent of companies now use background checks to screen potential employees. "And for some people, that can mean the difference between working and not working."

When Consumer Reporting Agencies Get it Wrong

DEADLINE For States to Implement the Adam Walsh Act July 27, 2011. Still only 14 of 50 have substantially complied! 8-16 One more tribe has been added!

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Court Decisions: Sex Offender Cases
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Sex Offender Court Decisions.

Facebook and Former Offenders

SORNA Implementation Grants and Byrne Grant Penalty

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