Saturday, July 30, 2011

Topic: Court Decisions - Sex Offender Cases

All About Sex Offender Court Decisions:

Here we will try to keep track of the most relevant sex offender cases and provide folks access to the decision and a news article which covered the case when it was decided. If anyone has further thoughts, or cases we have missed, please let us know:

A reader comments, these decision are based on the law -at the time- and -the facts of the Plaintiff's case-. And, if a court decision upsets the Legislature, they can change the law to again deprive folks, if they can find a way around the case decision.
So it is up to readers to find that out, before relying on a specific case shown below, so that one does not fall prey to a newer change in the law. If this happens to someone we would appreciate know which case and we will flag it. Thanks to all who help in that regard.

Note: If there is a link in the Comment column below, it is to a news article about the case, however, not all cases have articles. Clicking on the case name will give you the actual decision.

ALL Court Decisions:

These are now moved to our blog "Sex Offender Court Decisions" much easier to read, and if you use the tags can select all of a specific type of case to review. Thanks to readers who suggested this...

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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