Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whats Happening in The Sex Offender Community

Here is Whats Happening Today
August 25-26, 2011:

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Court Decisions: Sex Offender Cases (UPDATED 8-25-2011)
Cases shown are being moved to new blog
Sex Offender Court Decisions as requested by several readers.

Facebook and Former Offenders

SORNA Implementation Grants and Byrne Grant Penalty

Moving from one state to another!

Vacations and Other Short Trips

eAdvocate Tidbits

A very interesting article about Facebook "Facebook data collection under fire again"

Today we made a slight change to the "Topic List," where before it showed "Topic: The Adam Walsh Act - ____" we changed that to "Topic: AWA - ___" this was done to allow a more descriptive topic.

DEADLINE For States to Implement the Adam Walsh Act July 27, 2011. Still only 14 of 50 have substantially complied! 8-16 One more tribe has been added!

Question: "Are you new to the Community Room?" Please read "This Important Message" as it will help us making referrals. And, if you want to know "How to get around the Community Room" our Tutorial is best; it also has a section for Advocates.

This "Whats Happening Today" message may be copied and posted to any other site without asking, so long as you post a direct link back to this page. Our reason is simple, since we may have additions/changes, then folks will always have access to updated information. We are a OPEN no signin site, established for Humanitarian purposes. Thank You, eAdvocate

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