Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whats Happening in The Community

Here is Whats Happening
Today June 1, 2011:
Question: "Are you new to the Community Room?" Please read "This Important Message" as it will help us making referrals. And, if you want to know "How to get around the Community Room" our Tutorial is best; it also has a section for Advocates.

eAdvocate Reports: The Community Room is now open for regular operation. Advocates may add to this message (send e-mail to eAdvocate@gmail.com) small things for everyone's knowledge, or create their own "Advocate Shout" see below.

We are actively seeking Advocates for the "Panel of Advocates" to get ready for questions. So far we have two folks who have applied. More are welcomed.

Advocate Shouts: Available 6-1-2011
See Policy on Advocate Shouts.

Advocate Shouts (No pics):
1) Sex Offender Issues would like to announce that they have added many ways to follow their site. Please see their "Follow Us" section.

Helpful to Daily Life: Available Immediately
See: Policy for 'Helpful to Daily Life' Announcements

Helpful to Daily Life: This is a unique section which does not deal with the norm of law ordinances and the like. Here Advocates will list things helpful to daily lives of folks who, are or were, registrants of sex offender registries.

Questions for Panel of Advocates: Available 6-12-2011
See: Topic: Panel of Advocates
Topic: Questions for the Panel

Questions for our Panel Of Advocates: This is a unique section which handles unique questions presented by readers. This section is dependent on finding -at least- 5 Advocates to participate as Panel Members.

Mr. Gloom & Reality Reports: Available AS NEEDED
See Policy on Gloom & Reality Messages

Mr. Gloom & Reality Reports: Hopefully, Mr. GR, will have very little to report. However, as Advocates report their Gloom & Reality Messages (in essence, bad things happening in an Advocate's area [maybe some law harmful to registrants]), so shall Mr. GR report that here.
EXAMPLE (Actually Truthful):: Mr. GR reports, Congress passed the Small Business loans bill last Congress, stating no one convicted of a crime against a minor, can apply for a small business loan, for the rest of their lives.

This "Whats Happening Today" message may be copied and posted to any other site without asking, so long as you post a direct link back to this page. Our reason is simple, since we may have additions/changes, then folks will always have access to updated information. We are a OPEN -no signin- site, established for Humanitarian purposes. Thank You, eAdvocate

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