Friday, May 6, 2011

Topic: Panel of Advocates

Our Think Tank: What is their purpose?

These are folks who have a mindset that wants to help former offenders no matter who they are or what they have done. The focus of the Panel is simple, using their best thinking, come up with a reasonable answer to a question posed by a former offender or a family member of a former offender.

Our initial thoughts are the Panel would be about 5 or more Advocates, folks who side with issues affecting former offenders and their families. This Panel will not begin until we there are at least 5 members, so we are hoping Advocates will participate.
Once someone asked to be on the Panel of Advocates they recognize that, whatever they submit is not owned by anyone and is submitted for the sole purpose of resolving a question submitted to the Panel. This is a Humanitarian endeavor, a free giving of one's time with nothing promised in return.

Once a person is approved to be on the Panel, they will be sent an INVITE to join the blog of other Panel members, this blog is PRIVATE and only for Panel members. Panel members can choose to be anonymous or use a known ID, thats up to the Panel Member when they sign-in to the Private Blog. Whatever a Panel member posts can be seen by other Panel members, this is to foster the development of ideas.

The "Community Room - Posting Policy" will apply. We would hope there will be no arguments or name calling between Panel Members as that is one way to lose Panel Member status. Disagreement is fine, just RESPECT all members, folks can have different opinions, that promotes looking at issues from different perspectives; a good thing.
eAdvocate will post the questions to that blog and Panel members will be able to comment and submit their ideas on the question. Questions will have a reasonable time limit, 1-2 weeks initially unless we find something else is better, so that everyone knows BEFOREHAND how much time they have to get their comments in; multiple comments are fine.

Once the time limit is up, comments will be closed for that question. eAdvocate will pull together everything submitted into some coherent piece to post as the COLLECTIVE answer of the Panel Members, in the daily "Whats Happening in the Community" message . The collective answer will be phased into the Community Room "Topic List" whereever it is appropriate (Credit will be given to the Panel of Advocates, without listing each member's name or sign-in, members' privacy will be maintained).
This post of TERMS is OPEN so that everyone knows the terms of being a Panel Member before becoming one, so that there are no questions after the fact. A Humanitarian endeavor.

We may revise these terms as we find a need to do so, and Panel Members can ask to be removed at any time. However, whatever they have already posted will remain.

eAdvocate thanks -beforehand- anyone who becomes a Panel Member.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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