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Highest Courts of 50 States

Public Access to the States’ Highest Courts: A Report Card

by Open Virginia Law

State courts are key sources of law, and they serve the public. They should facilitate public access to legal proceedings and should make available official, usable versions of legal records that can be accessed on demand, searched, cited, and relied upon. Doing so should not be viewed as optional or extra but as an essential part of the judicial job in a democratic society. As future U.S. Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. wrote during his career as a state supreme court justice:
“[I]it is of the highest moment that those who administer justice should always act under the sense of public responsibility, and that every citizen should be able to satisfy himself with his own eyes as to the mode in which a public duty is performed.” [Cowley v. Pulsifer, 137 Mass. 392, 394 (1884).]
In the hope that shedding new light on the state of online public access to top state courts will encourage greater access, Open Virginia Law has conducted a 50-state survey and compiled the results into this report, which provides both details and an easy-to-understand report card format. ..Source.. by Open Virginia Law

Courts and State Legislatures
Justia: Federal Circuit Courts
US Courts: Federal Circuit Courts Map Court Records, Directory and Case News
Can't search but does have a good daily news listing. Also you can access every state to find all sorts of good stuff.
Gavel to Gavel: State Court Operations

State Court Fees: Study by NPR

All State Legislatures

Evidence Based Crime Solutions

All Types of Sex Offender & Related Information, Links
The intent here is not to provide specific links to specific reports and research of various states or their Departments of Correction (DOC), although you might find a few of these too, instead to provide ONE or a FEW URLs where they store (archive) reports and research they publish. This becomes valuable to find the latest version of their reports and research. Some have several places (URLs) they store (archive) things, we show them, and if readers know of other places, please let us know, to add them here for our readers. This is open to all, enjoy.. A never ending project, new stuff as I find it...

State:State DOC Archives and Related Sites:
All StatesState Departments of Corrections Web-Based Policy and Procedure Manuals
Internet AccessWhat are correctional agencies doing about computer and internet access for inmates?
Interstate CompactICAOS: Interstate Commission for Adult Supervision
 The Sentencing Project
AlaskaHERE and HERE and HERE and esp HERE
ArkansasHERE and Study
CaliforniaHERE and HERE and HERE and Lifers Parole Recidivism Report and CCOSO Library and CCOSO Links Other research here
ColoradoHERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE
ConnecticutHERE and HERE and HERE
DelawareHERE and Article
FloridaHERE and HERE and HERE
GeorgiaHERE and HERE
IdahoHERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and Study
IllinoisHERE and HERE and HERE and Study and Multiple Studies
IowaHERE and HERE and Study and Study and Legislature reports and Dept rpts to Legislature and Iowa Sex Offender Research Council
KansasHERE Note: Kansas is a Civil Commitment state and there is very little available on recidivism for this state.
KentuckyHERE (You will have to use the search option on left side of page to find topics.) and Study
MaineHERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and DOC Policies
MarylandHERE and HERE and HERE and HERE
MassachusettsHERE and HERE and Recidivism Rpts and DOC Policies
MichiganReports Archives
Minnesota (DOC) and Study and HERE)
MississippiHERE and Within Annual Reports are more detailed Sex Offender reports. OR Search for reports OR FAQs
MissouriHERE and ---------------
Montana Mixed and DOC Policy and Report and Report and Search for Recidivism
NebraskaSex Offender Management Group on this pg is a PDF of FAQ, which contains a fairly good coverage of sex offender facts. Well worth reviewing. and Lifetime Supervision of sex offenders and 2010 Annual Report
Nevada Parole Board (Using search box, search for "Recidivism" many other interesting reports. AND Pardons Commissioners (Note: Restoration of Rights & Sealing records). AND Statistics AND Articles AND Education
New Hampshire---------------
New JerseyStudy
New Mexico---------------
New York---------------
North Carolina---------------
North DakotaBEST EVER: HERE and HERE and HERE
Ohio HERE and REPORT TO THE OHIO CRIMINAL SENTENCING COMMISSION: SEX OFFENDERS (Good 2006 report) and SO Treatment Policy and Public Defender's Page (Hundreds of cases listed) and AWA Information (Main DOC Reports Site)
Oklahoma HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and Search for Recidivism-
PennsylvaniaHERE and HERE
Rhode Islandand HERE and ---------------
South Carolina---------------
South Dakota---------------
Texas Civil Commitment Stats and Reports ---------------
UtahHERE (Report very bottom) and HERE (a number of reports) and see article
VermontHERE and HERE and Study
West VirginiaPREA and HERE and SO Therapy Pgm
Wisconsin Index of Statutes---------------

 Bureau of Justice Statistics:
This BJS Tool permits calculating recidivism ratesThis BJS analysis tool allows users to calculate recidivism rates for persons released from state prisons. Recidivism rates may be generated for the entire sample of released prisoners or for released prisoners with specific demographic, criminal history, and sentence attributes. The tool uses data collected by BJS on a sample of persons released from state prisons in 1994 and followed for a 3-year period.
BJS RecidivismData Collection:
National Recidivism Study of Released Prisoners
BJS ToolsAll Data Analysis Tools
BJS Pubs.All Publications & Products
Office of Justice PublicationsBy far the best way to find a source
within the Bureau of Justice Library

 Misc Sites w/Offender Reports:
AllThe Sentencing Project Recidivism
AllCommon myths about sex offender continue to influence public policy
InternetEnhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies
Archives: The Journal of Sexual Offender Civil Commitment: Science and the Law
FederalFederal Defenders Office (.org) Leads to every conceivable manual and information for defending federal crimes of all sorts, including sex offenses.
FBI BulletinCyberbullying and Sexting: Law Enforcement Perceptions
FBI RSS FeedsRSS Feeds for all kinds of info from the FBI
Misc.Bureau of Justice: Many studies from several states
MythsInteresting Myths Report
CRS: Civil CommitmentCivil Commitment of Sexually Dangerous Persons
Pew CenterThe State of Recidivism: State-by-State
Vera InstituteThe pursuit of safety: sex offender policy in the United States
Office of Juvenile JusticeStatstical Briefing Book
2013Statutes of Limitations for Sexual Assaults
A State-by-State Comparison
2010Texas Objects to AWA

 Stats: Internet Crimes or Child Pornography:
TherapyInternet Behavior Consulting (IBC)
CP Frequently cited: From Fantasy to Reality: The Link Between Viewing Child Pornography and Molesting Children
CP - Computer Storage DevicesNew methods to combat growth of Internet child porn in Rhode Island (Dogs sniff out computer devices)

 Sex Trafficking Statistics:
 Office of Justice Fact Sheet
 Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States: International and Domestic Trends
 A National Overview of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Demand Reduction
 U.S. Dep't of State: Trafficking in Persons Report
Congressional Research ServiceDomestic Human Trafficking Legislation in
the 113th Congress
 Recidivist sex offender convicted in Delaware of child exploitation offenses

 College Campus Information:
Clery Act:---------------
The Problem:Catholic U. student recounts her struggles after reporting a sex assault
50 State ListSex offenses on U.S. college campuses
Brown UA statistical study of first-year college rape
BJSRape and Sexual Assault Victimization Among College-Age
Females, 1995–2013
ArticleThis New Study Shows Sexual Assault on College Campuses Has Reached "Epidemic" Levels

 HIV Information:
CDC CenterCenter for Disease Control-HIV
YouthHIV in Youth

 RSOs and Nursing Homes:
GAO RptLong-Term Care Facilities: Information on Residents Who Are Registered Sex Offenders or Are Paroled for Other Crimes
--------APerfectCause: Predators in Americas NursingHomes-2005Report
--------APerfectCause: Predators in Americas NursingHomes-2004Report
All ReportsA Perfect Cause

 Google Search Parameters:
Exact Phrase"sex offender"
Exclude Wordex: sex offender -minor
Search Within a Specific Site: sex offender site:
Search RelatedSex Offender Related: visually
Words in TextAllInText: Bargains
All In TitleAllInTitle: Sex offender
Words In URLAllInURL: Sex Offender
LocationHempstead Location: New York
File TypeAnnual Report FileType:PDF
Numbers in a rangedslr $300..$500
Wildcard* (Means anything) ex: Sex Offender*
Either Word___ OR ___
Allowable Punctuation+ @ & % $ # -
--------More Search Operators
Similar Words and SynonymsExample Search: "inbound marketing" ~professional
Complete Google SearchWikipedia

 National FBI Crime Stats:
Table-29Estimated Number of Arrests - 2012

 Commercial Placement - Housing:
Commercial Placement: What is It?A primer and Must Read
Shows Which States Have CPAmerican Parole & Probation website
--------The Effect of Statewide Residency Restrictions on Sex Offender Post-Release Housing Mobility
see portion re: CPGetting through the Michigan Parole Process
MDOC PolicyIntrastate Compact

 Annual Reports to Congress:
2008Review of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

 Cases/Research Worth Looking Into:
More Coming After Remand Beley v. City of Chicago, Dist. Court, ND Illinois 2015
Levenson's BioLevenson at Barry University
--------Levenson at Barry U
Montana RSOLWriting Lawmakers (Excellent)
--------Hiding in Plain Sight? A Nationwide Study of the Use of Identity Manipulation by Registered Sex Offenders
NIJ ReportsHundreds of NIJ Reports MUST Explore
Stats FinderGreat place to search for all sorts of stats, like police salaries, etc..
Seve YoderRecidivism Rates - REVIEW
PrentkyHis study with comment
State LawsFind any state statute
SMART OfficeWhat you need to know about sex offenders, 2014
North CarolinaIN RE HALL
Static 9910 Questions
SMART OfficeDozens of papers w/links to orignal
EFFGovt Privacy: Who Has Your Back
SS BenefitsSS Benefits while in prison, jail, civil commitment etc.
SS BrochureBrochure on ReStarting SS Benefits upon release
Journalist ResourceSex offender laws, registries and policy questions: Research roundup - a pile of quality papers follow the article
CSOMCSOM has already created a MAJOR file of every registerable offense in the nation, by state
Immigration LawyersPetitioners Convicted of Crimes Against a Minor and the Adam Walsh Act ---and--- HERE
Excellent-- RAINN Laws--

 Child Advocate Sites w/Significant Data links & Apps:
 Child AbuseWatch net
 OneChild International
 National Center for Victims of Crime
Authorities?Fighting online pedophilia
Age of ConsentNew Expanded
Age of ConsentHERE
Other Age LawsHERE
Life360Life360 is a free app that allows users to create private groups, and communicate via group chat. It also sends notifications when members check into places and users can even set boundary limits. "Life360 is perfect for those situations when a child is not supposed to cross a certain street," said Melanie Skalmoski, Green Bay Police Department crime prevention coordinator. "With this, you can see it happen and take the necessary next steps."
The Red Panic ButtonThe Red Panic Button app is specifically designed for emergencies. A press of the button sends a text message and email that contains a link to Google Maps along with the child's GPS coordinates to everyone in the panic contact list. There are variations of this app. Some versions are free while others cost $2.99 a month.
(Android // iPhone)Family GPS Tracker and Safety Center. This app, Life 360, allows adults to track their kids location at any time. This app also offers a monitoring service to identify sex offenders who may be living in the area.
Offender LocatorThis app allows anyone to see a list of sex offenders that are located within 20 miles of their current location, or a specific address.
Kids I-DThis free app gives parents the ability to create an electronic identification card for their child, before they head out for the night.
Trick or TrackerThis free app for Android or iPhone allows parents to keep track of multiple kids, using their smart phone. It also allows kids to send a ‘distress signal,’ letting an adult know that they need help.

ABA Journal: Blogs Galore

How do I become a TED Speaker
Speaking at TED
Form: Suggest a Speaker

Position Paper formats:
Sample-1: Excellent
Sample-2: Very Good
Sample-3: UN Papers
Sample-4: How to argue public policy

Much More Coming: Suggestions Welcomed
Using Risk Assessment under SORNA
SORNA Implementation Documents

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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