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Information Helpful to a Registrant and/or Family

Over the years we have read hundreds of news accounts documenting what Former Sex Offenders (FSOs) face in their daily lives, and many of the stories are personal accounts of life as a FSO. A significant number of those articles are posted in our blogs. Those stories hold a wealth of information, and we have learned from them. We have identified FIVE CRITICAL daily needs of FSOs, and their families, they are:

1) Informational guides relevant to daily life, and resources to help with needs as well;

2) Family Support Groups, for FSO families in the community and families of those incarcerated;

3) Support Groups: For former offenders, Offenders in Civil Commitment, and families of these folks;

4) Suggestions on interacting with police on a daily basis;

5) Because sex offenders and their families are often harassed, stalked or lately subject to extortion plots, folks need to know the laws governing those topics (Click for a State-by-State list of those laws.


Informational Guides

These are guides written by folks to help FSOs and their families with their daily life. Guides such as Housing and How to Become an Activist, etc. Resource and referral information. These are a focus of Phase-1 of the Community Room Goals.

Support Groups: Family and Friends of FSOs

Here are known support groups for families and spouses of FSOs, in the community or incarcerated:

Interacting with the Police

Before reading further watch this video

When the police come to your home: by a Connecticut attorney (Norm Pattis). Police Encounters: From a Texas attorney CLICK.

Over at FlexYourRights.Org they have extensive information on how to handle yourself during police encounters. And, they include videos to show whats proper and how not to get in trouble. Worth your time to learn from those who know more.

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