Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bulletins and Other Messages

Hi Folks:

Today we are announcing a new website "The Community Room," a new vision, which is focused on the daily personal needs of former offenders, their families and the Advocates that fight for their rights.

The Community Room is a new vision, a new direction, and it is having a Open House Week to let everyone look around get to know what it does provide, and how it can help former offenders and so many other folks.

This is not a site like you have ever seen before, here the focus is on educating and referral in a new way, tutorial. Throughout the nation former offenders are being caught up in subtle nuances of laws and interpretations. Here we will debunk nuances and answer questions like never before; and a Panel of Advocates, to answer problems, is also in the vision . Currently, there is a Topic List that links to many needs like Housing (full national list coming), Employment suggestions, Registration problems, and many many more. The topic list will grow as former offenders and Advocates develop it through their questions and research.

There are opportunities for Advocate sites who now provide some of the needs of folks, the Community Room wants to link to, and has already done so for some Advocate sites. The Community Room will become a central repository LINK SITE to point former offenders to any Advocate site, anywhere in the nation, which may already have a resolve to their need.

To explain everything covered by the Community Room would take many e-mails, so instead, please see for yourself, visit our Open House, take the "First Time Here Tour" and learn how this can help folks. This is not a site of news articles, it is clearly focused on the Daily Personal Needs of those we advocate for.

Here is the link to the Community Room:

Thanks and see you in the Community Room...

Please e-mail eAdvocate@gmail.com

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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