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Topic: Neighbors

Housing: In General
Neighbors: Good and Not So Good

Housing Guide:

Housing: Please take time to review "THE ONCE FALLEN HOUSING GUIDE" which is filled with tips to help find a place to live.

Housing: In General and Places to Live

Housing: If you are interested in finding a specific place to live please see our Revised Housing Blog (Coming Soon).
TINY HOMES: One can never pass up the opportunity to build a home on vacant land tucked into the woods somewhere. I am very fond of these tiny homes such as HERE and HERE. Any time I find articles addressing such homes, I'll expand this post. If you can help please do..
Someone Who Has Successfully Reestablished in The Community:

For those who think it is impossible to get reestablished in the community, please, please read the following story:

Living Beyond The Label: One Man's Story
Living Beyond The Label: Level 3 Dreams Come True
Living Beyond the Label Part II: A Level 3’s Housewarming

Level 3 sex offender hopes public registry will end for the rehabilitated (8-31-2011: Erik Mart tells 97.3 KIRO FM's Ron & Don Show)

Others Who Are Having Troubles:

Vista Residents Concerned After Sex Offender Moves Into Area 5-4-2011 California:

____ Feels Betrayed By Neighbor Who Took In Sex Offender

VISTA, Calif. -- Some North County residents are outraged after a convicted violent sex offender moved into their neighborhood.

Vista resident said her two little girls can no longer play in the front yard on Stiles Court after she found out that ___, a twice-convicted child molester, recently moved in nearby.

"Oh, it panics you. It panics you," she said.

___ said she feels betrayed by her neighbor. ___ and his wife took ___ in because his history as a child molester has made it impossible to find a place to live.

"Knowing him, I feel safe because he's been in treatment. He's been in support groups. He has not offended for a long time," said ___.

...... "But do you rehabilitate someone like that? I don't know," said a neighbor, who has lived in her home since 1977 and is next door to the house where ____ lives.

The issue has bitterly divided neighbors.

"The thing is, these people have to live someplace, but maybe some place there aren't many children" said neighbor ____.

As soon as residents found out, they went on the Megan's Law website, downloaded ____'s information, put it on a flier and then posted it on the community's mailbox.

On Wednesday, nearly three dozen local, county, state and federal law enforcement officers went to ___'s neighborhood and told every resident within a quarter mile of ____'s home that a convicted violent sex offender lived nearby.

Authorities also warned residents about the fliers.

"We were told they have to come down because if anything happened to this man, whoever put the fliers up would be held accountable,"
said ___.

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