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Topic: Removed from the Registry?

Once someone is added to a public sex offender registry, are they LISTED FOREVER somewhere? See the following to find the various OTHER PLACES where one might be listed as a result of once being listed on a public sex offender registry and how to remove your name from there.

Court Order or Other Document
Which Removed Your Name from the Registry

OK, somehow you have been court ordered (legally) removed from your state registry and are no longer required to register. The following presumes you have some sort of documentation, from the state where you were prosecuted (i.e. where you went to court), which shows you have been removed, most likely that will be a court order or a letter from the folks who handle the state registry. These document MUST BE SAVED forever!
Note: Some states, after you move to another state, will send a letter to your new address, telling you that, you no longer have to register. Be very careful, what they mean is, you don't have to register in the state you just MOVED FROM. They are NOT speaking about the new state you MOVED TO! You must follow the laws of the NEW state you moved to.
Moving to another state following removal from the registry: Here is the unfortunate fact, the NEW state MUST ACCEPT those documents (court order or official letter) BUT BUT BUT they do not have to treat you the same way. ex: If you were removed from the registry in State-A then moved to State-B, State-B has its own laws and you MAY still have to register in State-B. While it is true that, every state must recognize another state's judicial decisions and official documents, they do not have to act in the same manner in their state, so be forewarned!

State Registry Automatically Removes Names
at End of Term of Registration

If you do not have a court order, likely your state removes folks automatically when their "Term of Registration" expires. This creates a problem for you, in that, you have no written documentation as proof, which you can use later on. Suggestion, write a letter to the State's Registration Office asking them for some form of written document which you may keep for your personal records. Send all correspondence via Certified Mail as proof you have done this, should a question arise in the future, or you have to go to court. If they do not respond, do it once more, document all steps you take; if needed later on then you have proof.

CAUTION: Far too often registry laws are changed and made retroactive. This is exactly what a few States have done, and the Adam Walsh Act. Many folks who no longer had to register were now swept back UNDER the registry umbrella. If you have no documentation proving you were released from registration, it is easy for police during a local stop to arrest you. Get documentation and keep a COPY of it with you at all times.

What are your other concerns?
There are many!

Unfortunately, due to the FAILURE of ALL State Legislatures, and Congress, registry information has been copied by PRIVATE parties and stored for their use, frequently commercial use. There is also a question whether some use it in a way that mirrors extortion!

States have failed miserably to protect registrants, while on the registry and when they come off the registry! Lawmakers simply do not care to address collateral issues, and some of these issues can last a lifetime, affect family members, and into the next generation as well.

So, what other places must you check?


Adam Walsh Act (SORNA) - Federal Law
The Adam Walsh Act (SORNA Section) requires every state registry to do the following:

(e) CORRECTION OF ERRORS.—The site shall include instructions on how to seek correction of information that an individual contends is erroneous.
This is something required of states by federal law, however, not every state follows that, generally because they have not yet enacted any Adam Walsh Act (SORNA) provisions. State registries should also have something on their website which explains who to contact if there are errors.


Removing your Name from Other State Registries

If your name appears on a state registry, other than the one where you live, and you have documented proof you should not be listed, then the following should be followed:

QUESTION: At any time, in any state, anywhere in the nation, did you ever personally register somewhere that is not where you currently live? (Maybe a city or country registry) If the answer is YES, then you need to check that registry to see if they are still listing you. If they still show your name on their registry, then you need to write them a letter, with COPIES of your proof that you are no longer required to register, and they should remove your name.

Removing your Name from the National Sex Offender Registry

NATIONAL SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY: It is important that you check the national registry and search for your name, in the state where you live. That will tell you whether your state registry, has or has not yet, notified the national registry, that you are no longer required to register. If your name is still shown, maybe you need to wait a week or so to give them a chance to send your removal information to the national registry.

If, after a reasonable waiting period, your name still appears on the national registry, then you need to contact your STATE registry folks and ask them why. Follow whatever answer they give you.

QUESTION: Have you previously resided in some other state before moving to where you now live? If yes, then you need to search the national registry AGAIN, but this time chose the state where you lived before. If they show your name then you will have to contact that state's registry office, and provide them proof you are no longer required to register, and ask them to remove you from their registry. Please remember, that dealing with other states, it will take them some time to get all done that needs to be done.

However, if, after a reasonable waiting period, your name still appears on the national registry -FOR THAT STATE-, then you need to again contact that STATE registry and ask them why. Follow whatever answer they give you.

At this point your name should be OFF all state and National Registries, but we are not done yet!

OPTIONAL: Here is a State Information Resource Link that will allow you to find state information quickly:, once you chose the "State" then "Corrections" there are links to that state's sex offender registry and you can see if your name is listed there, then you can work with those folks to remove your name from there.


Removing your Name from Other Websites and Registries

Unfortunately, there are many other places that have COPIED registration information from STATE registries, into "Private Databases" and display it on the Internet.
IMPORTANT: As of today there are NO LAWS requiring these sites (and others like them) to follow federal or state laws, or even to correct errors when brought to their attention, and many claim, they update their information from state registries, regularly. What they do not tell you is, their information is a COPY from a state registry -at some point in the past- into a "Private Database." They are not DIRECTLY CONNECTED to state registries. Accordingly, there is no way to know when, or how often, they actually update their "Private Databases."
These are Websites we Identified which Show Offenders:
(First, click on Website Name, do the search, then Contact if Necessary)

Website Name:Contact:
(then right side, Offenders)
FeedBack Form
or e-mail them:

Criminal WatchDog

If your name appears on any of them, use their contact links to ask them to remove your name. They may want some proof and you have that.

If anyone has a problem with any of these, please contact us so we can adjust this page for others. Also, if anyone has other sites that should be checked, please let us know that as well.

Removing your Name from
iPhone, Android Phone, and Smart Phone Type Apps

North Carolina iPhone App:
The exception to Rule App

Recently the North Carolina Attorney General announced "They have created a iPhone type app" to find sex offenders in their state. Clearly this will be the ONLY iPhone/Smart phone app that is good because you will be able to remove yourself IF IF IF you live in North Carolina and are on their state registry, and no longer have to register in North Carolina. Unlike all other Sex Offender type Apps, this one MUST FOLLOW state laws: (CLICK for more information and to download the app)

NC Attorney General unveils sex offender iPhone app

GREENVILLE, N.C. - Looking for registered sex offenders near your home, your child's school, parks, or anywhere else just became a whole lot easier. Now, there's an app for that.

Attorney General Roy Cooper was in Winston-Salem Monday to demonstrate the new app. The state developed the new tool for MAC devices like the i-Phone and i-Tunes.

It allows users to search for registered offenders by GPS location or street address from wherever they are. You can even find out where they live, and see a picture of what they look like.

There are nearly 14,000 registered sex offenders across the state. The app was developed by the North Carolina Department of Justice.

"Parents have a lot to worry about. It's important that we use the technology that's out there to make sure that parents are armed with every protection that's out there to protect their children," said Cooper.

We tried the app out in several neighborhoods in Greenville and found one road, Rosemont Dr. with 5 registered sex offenders on one street. "People have the right to know, especially if they have kids near the houses," said Rosemont resident Floyd Renaud.

"Especially for communities and kids to make sure their safe because you don't know if [the sex offenders] will do it again," said another resident, Jacob Evans. ..Source.. by WNCT Staff | WNCT

All Other iPhone/Smart Phone Apps
thatsearch for and display sex offender information

These are the most difficult to correct. All of these also use "Private Databases" with information that they COPIED from state registries, at some point in the past and it is unknown when or if they update these databases.
IMPORTANT: As of today there are NO LAWS requiring them to follow federal or state laws, or even to correct errors when brought to their attention, and many claim, they update their information from state registries. What they do not tell you is, their information is a COPY from a state registry -at some point in the past- and put into a "Private Database." They are not DIRECTLY CONNECTED to state registries. Accordingly, there is no way to know when, or how often, they actually update their "Private Databases."
These are Apps available from Apple's iTunes Store
These show where registered sex offenders live.

App Name:Website:
Sex Offender Search
Offender Locator -and- Offender Locator LITE -and POM Alert

Facebook has incorporated Offender Locator into its website (Use same contact for corrections)
Sex Offender
Watch Out!
Sex Offender Search -and- Sex Offender Search LITE
xOffender No Valid Website (App is for Nebraska Only)
Stay Safe Personal -and- Stay Safe -and- Stay Safe

This is a new type of App available at Apple's iTunes Store
This one only shows where registered sex offenders live IF you are close to one of their homes, and will "Text Message" you.

App Name:Website:
LocateSafeLT (free) and LocateSafe (Pricey)
Of course the failure of all these Apps is, they do not know if the person is home at that address. They could be elsewhere and likely are. These Apps are a waste, but someone is making money off them.
Some of the above websites have "Contact Us" links which you can try and see if you are listed, then work with them to remove your name from their listing.

For Apps that you CANNOT CHECK to see if you are listed, we strongly suggest that you contact the "iTunes Store Customer Service," and explain to them -using their form- what you are trying to do.

Ask them "What is your procedure, under these circumstances" because you should not have to buy a Apple device and then the App in question, to get that vendor to comply with the law.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There are TWO types of Apps available from the iTunes store: 1) Those that do criminal background checks; and 2) Those that display people listed in Sex Offender registries. ONLY #2, those that display people listed in Sex Offender registries, can you ask that your name be removed from!
Be aware, Apple likely has not faced this problem before, and it may take some interaction to get this resolved for you. However, shaking up Apple might get them to be more careful when they add such Apps to their store in the future.

Good Luck.

PS 4-11-2011: We were just notified of the Apps in the Android Store, this is another whole world which we have not yet investigated.

Restoring Access to Social Network Sites

This may require DOJ contacts, Here you need to understand the Kid's Act, a law which established a method of placing CERTAIN registrant information into a specialized data base controlled by the U.S. Department of Justice. more coming

Various Printed Publications

TEXOMA - If you live in southern Oklahoma and have been arrested for a sex crime, you can bet your mug shot is now going to be famous. That is because of "We Got Caught", a magazine that displays the mug shots of the men and women who have been arrested on sex crimes.

The magazine has been in circulation for about 3 years, but this is the first week it has been sold in Comanche County. All of the men and women featured in the magazine live in this part of the state.

We have seen magazines similar to this one, most recently in Stephens County called "OK Jailbirds". The difference here is this magazine only highlights criminals arrested for crimes. The magazine is also unique in that the owner founded it because of his personal experience.

He lives in Wichita Falls and says he created it because his own daughter and niece were sexually assaulted and then stabbed to death by a sex offender who lived just next door.

On the cover of "We Got Caught" are the faces of dozens of suspected or convicted sex offenders. ..Source..


'Offenders Magazine' Published this Week

CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - A local police officer is using his time off of work to keep the public informed about sex offenders. Roger Parker has just created this new publication, called, "Offenders Magazine". He says the idea is to make the public aware of where sex offenders are living, and the special rules they have to follow. The first issue was published this week, in Jim Wells County, it is free to the public, and is in most convenience stores and restaurants in that area. Parker says he also has plans to publish editions for Nueces, San Patricio, and Aransas counties. He says it is aimed at people who do not have access to the Internet. For more information on offenders magazine, you can call officer Parker at 361-290-0054. ..Source..


Community Crime Watch Magazine

Crime Watch PA Magazine Takes Anti-Crime Messages Statewide June 2011

Crime Watch PA magazine, which has led to the apprehension of several wanted criminals, recently expanded the reach of its anti-crime and family safety messages with statewide distribution beginning in May 2011. Crime Watch PA has been instrumental in the apprehension of several wanted criminals in Pennsylvania. For instance, thanks to Crime Watch PA's listing of sex offenders, a central-Pennsylvania elementary school was able to identify a school volunteer as a registered sex offender.

"Crime Watch PA is about empowering individuals, families and organizations to keep their communities safe," said Matthew Bloom, vice president of development for Crime Watch PA. "I'm proud of the strides we've taken to increase public safety." Working with a wide range of local, state and national law-enforcement agencies as well as anti-crime and pro-family organizations, Crime Watch PA provides valuable information in the form of articles on family safety, anti-crime initiatives, crime, crime prevention, personal rights and public record information.

Crime Watch PA is the only magazine in Pennsylvania that publishes photos and addresses of sex offenders and other convicted criminals as well as wanted suspects. This enables families and communities to know who is living in or traveling through their communities. In addition, local police partnerships provide reports that help keep communities up to date on anti-crime efforts.

"Our goal is simple," said Bloom. "We want to help communities protect children and families, hold offenders accountable for their actions, catch the bad guys, and stay safe." Crime Watch PA is available at retailers throughout the state and through subscription. Retailers include: Giant Food Stores, Weis Markets, Shurfine Markets, Boyer's Food Markets, Kennie's Markets, Wegmans, Kmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Sheetz, Rutter's Farm Stores, Tom's Stores, Borders and many independent magazine retailers.

The magazine began publishing in 2009 under the name Community Crime Watch Magazine and featured complete printed lists of photos and addresses of register sex offenders. For more information about Crime Watch PA magazine, visit


New Magazine Publishes Sex Offender Listings

A Sacramento magazine publisher wants everyone to know about sexual predators who could be living in their neighborhood. Corey Wright is the publisher of the local 916 edition of Predator Magazine, a publication that features photos of convicted sex offenders. “It'll give parents and grandparents the ability to know what's around the corner,” Wright told KCRA 3.

Wright goes through California’s Megan’s Law website and puts up pictures and information into Predator Magazine. Wright hopes to print 10,000 fresh copies of Predator Magazine and is currently looking for advertisers. The magazine would be free and available in area markets and stores, Wright said.

Publishing a magazine that outs convicted child molesters who are trying to blend into a community can have its drawbacks. "(I get) death threats. Everything kind of surprised me," Wright said. "I thought that this magazine would be welcome by all.” For more information on Predator Magazine, click here: Predator Magazine Facebook Page

With these publications, registrants may never be able to get names off them. We have seen various reports of these around the country, these are more.

Lawsuits for calling/listing Someone on a Registry Illegally

Ga. man awarded $404,000 for libelous Internet postings 1-20-2011 Georgia by Rhonda Cook, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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Regarding private websites mining state S.O. registries, my name appears NINE TIMES in a Google search! (2 entries, for 2 different counties) (which was mentioned already- 2 entries for 2 diff. counties)

I REALLY hope more lawsuits are filed to take these bottomfeeders down. They are extorting us, pure and simple, and most of us don't have the money to pay their "removal" fees because we can't find work (largely thanks to them).

-A.P., California