Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:
About this Blog

  • How do I return to the main page? At the very top of every page is the LOGO of the Community Room, simply click on it.
  • Why do some Topics have *** before the topic? These are topics which are either, unresolved, OR, only partially resolved and we are actively seeking the assistance of Advocates we work with for assistance in these issues.
  • What can be included on the "Whats Happening Message Post?" See this Post which shows all the sections of the "Whats Happening Message" post.
  • Community Room Maintenance: Unless there is some emergency, our time for "Site Maintenance" is between 3-6 AM EST. Generally it only takes a few minutes and if you come back in an hour we will be done.

  • What does "sex offender" mean? A full explanation can be found here! (Refers to someone who has a background of a sex crime, whether convicted or not. i.e., Former Sex Offender. However, it does not include any form of what is generally known as sexual harassment (employment EEOC context))
  • Please explain LifeBefore, LifeDuring and LifeAfter: LifeBefore has been coined to refer to a period of time before actually committing an offense against another person. LifeBefore also is used to refer to some folks who have leanings (leanings are not offenses) but have not committed any offense. i.e. Minor Attracted Persons (MAP). LifeDuring Does not mean we condone or will converse with folks who are committing offenses. LifeDuring refers to various kinds of help (Referral to lawyers, finding therapists, etc.) after a person is within the criminal justice system. LifeAfter is also a coined word to mean the time period after being processed by the criminal justice system. The Community Room has many resources or referrals for each of these phases (See "Topic List" on the right).

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.
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